Being a better Slayer

July 17, 2009

Recently a revered northwest music blog listed it’s top 5 shows of June 2009.  The list reads as follows:

1. Art Brut

2. No-Fi Soul Rebellion

3. Shiny Toy Guns

4. Love is Chemicals

5. Slayer

Naturally, I was not only honored but a bit  surprised to see Slayer at the bottom of that list.  It concerned me due to my awareness of the fervor of Slayer’s fan base.  Was Slayer not living up to their fan’s expectations?  Were fans feeling jilted?  Were their performances lacking?

Fear not Slayer, Mark is here to help.

Here is some advise on how to improve your live show:

-Play down in the crowd-  I know that you might want to keep a healthy distance from your fans, I would want to as well.  But the fans are 50% of the live experience and deserve to be as much a part of the show as y’all are.  So give them a thrill!  Sing it in their face!  Let your sweat sting the the cuts on their person that spell out Slayer!  Set them on fire with your pyro!  It will bring a whole new level of community to the show.

-Lose the facial hair-  Let’s face it:  A dude with a beard is guarded and has something to hide.  Lay it on the line and let the fans know every wrinkle and imperfection that makes Slayer who they are.

-Do SOMETHING about Kerry King-  Seriously.  The rest of the band has an excellent classic hesher thing happening, but Kerry looks like he should be in System of a Somethingoranother.  If male pattern baldness is the problem, just role with it!  The singer from Mountain High rocks the no hair on top and super long and stringy on the side and he looks awesome.  Just do something about Kerry.

-Get back to your roots – Little known fact:  Slayer began as a 60’s classic pop cover band…

…okay, not really, but it would be pretty badical if they busted out ‘Young Girl’ by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap at one of their shows…

I hope this helps y’all be a better Slayer.


July 16, 2009

Alright.  Okay.  It has been just about forever since I last checked in and I have a renewed interest in blogging because apparently your blog might get optioned for a movie.

I hope that Meryl Streep plays me in my blog movie…

Much has transpired in the last year and a half and I have forgotten most of it by now, so I will tell you what is up recently.

On May 13, 2009 we released our new album Oh Please Please Please (BUY IT!  4 reals though, buy it).  I can say that for the most part I am pleased with it and am ready to never listen to it ever again.  Reviews have been favorable, air play has been modest and the album has even made it on a cewebrity best of 2009 (so far) list.  Not too shabby, we will take it.

Been kinda layin’ low in the shows department this summer.  From our vast experience we have gleened that nobody goes to shows in the summer and we would rather be swimming or doing something not so dirty and sweaty, with the exception of badminton and horse related activity.

Andrea procured a new horse by the name of Dixie.  She is like a Bev Doolittle painting come to life.  (Dixie, not Andrea.)  I have been on Dixie a couple of times, being led pony ride style by Andrea, and am pleased to announce that she has not thrown me from her person!

I, in an attempt not to do anything music writing or recording related for the entirety of the summer, have purchased a Playstation 3.  Yes it cost a lot, and yes, I am loaded.  It has been nice to play a cutesy game like Little Big Planet and take a break from fervently trying to virtually slay friends and strangers.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love filling friends and ill-wishing fools full of hot virtual lead, but it’s fun to play something else for a change.  For anyone who cares to know my PSN name is NO-FI_SOUL_REBEL & my Xbox gamertag is NOFISOULREBEL.  Bring.  It.  On.  And yes, that goes for you too Dave Crider

In a complete failure to avoid music production stuff for the summer, I have gotten cozy with some new recording software called Reaper.  Totally amazing and totally cheap!  I have gushed and gushed and am almost gushed out in regards to this program, so just download the demo already.

There.  Like I said, tons of other things have happened but I have totally forgotten about them at this point.  This will probably make for a pretty crap blog movie…

Reverbfest 2007

October 11, 2007

So last weekend we played Seattle Weekly’s Reverbfest in Ballard and we had a delightful time. It was an almost appallingly perfect fall evening and we ran into tons of friends that we don’t get to see that often. Like this guy:

I was totally ‘bummed’ out that we missed the Partman Parthorse set because A) we like them and their music and B) we always miss the shows where Gary (or Gary Gary, as I like to now call him) does outrageous stuff like wring out his underwear in some guy’s mouth. So naturally, after seeing these pictures, we regretted not being there to see the faces of those whose sensibilities had been offended.

When we arrived at Sonic Boom Records in Ballard and assessed the situation, it seemed as though our set might have been hindered by our surroundings, i.e. rows of CD shelves and magazine racks lining the stage. But somehow, don’t ask me how cause I usually blackout or go somewhere else during performances as a means to escape the physical pain akin to sprinting a mile while yelling at the top of your lungs, we totally ruled school! Which is good, because about 75% of the audience were photographers and ended up taking a lot of cool pictures and saying a lot of nice things about us on the internet. Here are some of the best pictures:

Andrea is a little self-conscious about this one, but I think it’s hottt. Photo by Laura.

I like that I look like I am spanking myself in this one. Photo by Laura.

Very epic looking. Makes you wish you had been there, eh? Photo by Eduardo

Total Recall face. Photo by Chona K.

Eduardo said ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ and I felt bad because I totally got the joke. Photo by Chona K.

I think I remember this… Photo by Cahmera.

So, yeah. You totally should have been there. Eduardo tried to put it into words on Three Imaginary Girls, but you totally should have been there…

Aw shucks…

October 5, 2007

We received this message today and were totally apple-cheeked because of it:

I just thought I’d let you guys know that last week at our little Starbucks kiosk in downtown Seattle (possibly the smallest Starbucks in the entire city), we officially declared Friday, September 28 “No-Fi Soul Rebellion Day.”

To celebrate, we played The Veritable Rainbow of Sound on loop for 7 1/2 hours straight (I was hoping to play Terrible Muscles, but unfortunately it wasn’t for sale yet at Easy Street). We also put up a sign at the bar that said, “Today I recommend: No-Fi Soul Rebellion.”

I took a couple pictures (that didn’t turn out particularly well), and I thought I’d send them your way.

I’ll see you guys at the show tomorrow!

Thank you Megan!  You totally get a free CD tomorrow!

Toot on! Toot on…

October 4, 2007

<>Good news!

<>People so far have nothing but nice things about ‘Terrible Muscles.’  Here are two recent reviews:

Spokane 7

<>-One of our fans (he also recorded our recent show @ 321 and made it into a podcast)

Also, it ranked #11 on KUGS weekly charts last week!

We are super stoked and flattered that people seem to be enjoying it.

No-Fi on TV!

September 30, 2007

…sort of!

Check it out: 

“Terrible Muscles” & “City Smell”

September 29, 2007

Well it is done.

We have officially unleashed our new album ‘Terrible Muscles‘ upon an unsuspecting, and perhaps even uninterested, world. So far the general response from friends and a few select media outlets seems to be fairly positive, so with that general feeling of affirmation I can finally stop listening to it and move onto writing new songs and pondering the mystery of ‘city smell.’

Whenever I am in Seattle, I always pick up a sent that is a clean, but not fresh clean, smell. I think it mostly comes from women but is not entirely exclusive to the sex. It is just so barely there that it might have eluded the nostrils of less than generous nosed. Next time you are in the city (I presume any city that could be considered a great American city) see if you can smell it.Speaking of smells, Halo 3 is totally out and stealing precious hours left and right. Yes, I know you probably thought higher of me and thought that I hadn’t the foggiest what a game console is, and yes I know the money system is the Wii, but now you may conclude that I am a leetle beet of a dork. Anyway, if you play online, my gamer tag is ‘PENUZ power.’ Please go easy on me, I am not very good.

High Fidelity with the No Fi Soul Rebellion

July 24, 2007

Here is an article about No-Fi Soul Rebellion from Disheveled Magazine. (
There aren’t too many outrageous mis-quotations and it seems to paint us in a fairly positive light.
(EXTRA INDIE ROCK CRED POINTS FOR US!: The guy in the picture down in the left column holding my bass and drinking a beer is Khaela Maricich of the Blow’s brother. He was nice, but I don’t recall his name…)

Click pic to read!

Mark’s Yeller!

July 21, 2007

Here is a little something I threw together. It is a VST audio effect that sends your signal through right and left channel overdrive, THEN through a parametric EQ, THEN through stereo reverb, THEN through right and left channel distortion. Needless to say, it makes some pretty raunchy sounds and you can download it *HERE* (Right click and save target as.)

Here is what it looks like:

Pretty cute, huh? Of course not as cute as this:

…or this:

but still kinda cute.

Try it out if you are savvy yo!

Crappy Danzig Impression (mystery hand)

July 14, 2007

Check out my Danzig impression!

I can’t tell if that second lower fist is mine or Ian’s. If it’s mine then that is the wussiest Danzig pose ever. If it is not mine then it’s only a crappy Danzig impression. The hand looks kinda ruddy and leathery from years of hard work…

…so it must be Ian’s.